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Sunday, October 02, 2005


How can words possibly express that special love a father has for his daughter. They seem so very inadequate and superficial.

Just like it was yesterday,I remember that day when a new little baby girl cam into our family and our world. When you were little, you were so excitable and spilled over with glee at every new delight. That laugh, those beautiful little eyes were so full of life and joy. That joy still overhwlems my heart when I remember those times. How can one tiny little girl bring so much fullness to a heart?

Then, as you grew, you became timid. With every new thing you always said, "but daddy, I can't".... but you always did... even learning to you remember?

You always tried and tried and you never failed.

The seasons went by so quickly...Spring and Fall, Winter and Summers....suddenly my little girl was all grown up. You had become a beautiful woman strong and independent in your own right.

How I respect the woman you have become. How I admire the person you are...your courage, your strength, your determination... and your unwillingness to let the sorrows and trials of life break your spirit.

One day, not so very long ago, you came to me and said, "There is a song that makes me think of you, it's called "Your Song"... I can never listen to it without tears whelling up in my eyes. That my daughter should think that of her dad is beyond what any father could hope for.

Remember, no matter where I am, or where you are, listen closely to the whispers of the wind and I will be singing it, just for you.

Sometimes, you tell me about something that happened and the first thing you though was, "I want my daddy!".... how my heart dissolves like molten putty.

Take wings with the spirit of the dawn, little butterfly. Embrace the heavens and touch the stars. Dream your dreams and watch them become the beauty of your hope.

Let all the world celebrate your life and rejoice with the comfort of your presence.

Happy 22nd Birthday




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