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Monday, January 01, 2007

My Big Brother Steve

January 1, 2007

What better way can there be to welcome the new year, then by sharing a little about someone who you love very much and for whom you have great respect and admiration for.

Like so many families and family members, time and distance had separated Steve and I for many many years. So much so, that we almost became like strangers to each other.

Then a couple years ago, Steve came down (from Alaska) for a visit. I suddenly came to know my brother, like I had never done before. I came to see a depth and quality, of deep inner feeling, that sense of humor, and a quiet but strong gentleness that came from within.

A big gap in my heart had been filled. I had my big brother back!

This year, Steve had retired as fire chief for the area he lived in Alaska and was planning to come down for a couple weeks to again visit and so we could spend time together. This was really going to be one the highlights of my excited about it.

Then a week before he was to be here, came that awful phone call. He had an accident on September 14th:

Steve was unloading a rototiller from the back of his truck when he got tangled with it and both of them fell to the ground. Steve's wife Linda found him unconscious a short time later and called for help. The Nikiski Fire Department responded to the call and transported Steve to Central Peninsula General Hospital in Soldotna. Steve regained consciousness and was evaluated for possible head, neck, and back injuries. He was admitted to the hospital for overnight observation. During the night his condition deteriorated and Steve required intubation and ventilation support. Further test results determined that he had intracranial bleeding and was subsequently Medevaced to Providence Medical Center in Anchorage at 5:30am on Friday, September 15th.

All of a sudden, it seemed that very brother I had just been restored to might well be taken away. I was shattered...think freaked out would be a good term too. He was in a coma and for the first few days was not doing to well.

Move ahead several months though, and we have our miracle. Not only did he come out of the coma, but his healing and progress and been spectacular. He has made it from critical care to a hospital back in his home town where he is receiving physical therapy. The old Steve is back....roaring to get going. I am again filled with excitment over the prospect of him being able to visit and of spending time together.

I know this isn't what I usually put in this blog...but just needed to share...and wanted you to know a little about my brother Steve.

Unlike the previous three posts, this could be more appropriately called

The Beauty of a Life Restored

Pat O'Connor

January 1, 2007


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