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Welcome to my blog. My name is Pat O'Connor and I wanted to create one little spot where I could share feelings, thoughts, even ramble if I want to. Perhaps too, reveal a side of me very few know about. If there are two words I would use to describe myself, those two would be iconoclastic and eclectic.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Against our Fear
Fearful, God, we are fearful
even though you yourself said
“Do not fear; I will be with you.”
We cannot help oursleves
We are fearful
for our families
for our jobs
for our insecurities
We are fearful
that we have it all wrong
that we are wrong about you
that everyone will know
our secrets

We are fearful…of you
because we can hide notihng
from you

Our insecurities, our secrets,
our fears all are laid
bare before you
and we are terrified
We fear you but for all
the wrong reasons
and in all the wrong ways

So we ask, God, against
our fear that you be with
us that you be our
strength and shield that
you take away everything
that makes us fearful
And we ask fearfully,
knowing that
you will answer.

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