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Welcome to my blog. My name is Pat O'Connor and I wanted to create one little spot where I could share feelings, thoughts, even ramble if I want to. Perhaps too, reveal a side of me very few know about. If there are two words I would use to describe myself, those two would be iconoclastic and eclectic.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


A Photo Gallery

Ok, now this wasn't the neat tidy arrangement I had hoped to make, but you are really limited by the program of Blogger.
1.) Mom and Connor, Nap time
2.) Connor, hmm bib's on, must be food time...hooray!!!!!
3.) Connor ... with his cap, and don't mess with his cap when its on
4.) Connor and his first cereal...yummy!!!
5.) Connor... he has the most piercing eyes that look right into you
6.) Connor...what a smiley
7.) Grandpa and Connor...hmmm what are we looking at???
8.) Grandpa (me) and my pumpkin
9.) Uncle Patrick and Connor...bottle time. Patrickis Emily's brother.
10.) LOL... a larger picture of mom and Connor napping
11.) Shaun...the proud dad at the hospital
12.) Emily, Shaun and Connor... what a little family!!!



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