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Welcome to my blog. My name is Pat O'Connor and I wanted to create one little spot where I could share feelings, thoughts, even ramble if I want to. Perhaps too, reveal a side of me very few know about. If there are two words I would use to describe myself, those two would be iconoclastic and eclectic.

Friday, October 14, 2005

My Brother, the Hawk

My Brother,  the Hawk
September 20, 2003 - Saturday
In the dusk and in the dawn, you have been my friend. Our hearts have touched.. and I long to be with my brother. When I go outside and if I don't see you, I miss you and long for your companionship. I am honored by your friendship and comforted by your spirit.
We share so much my friend. When you take wing upon the spirit joins you among the heavens. Your cry is my voice, your sorrow... my tears. Together we journey through our lives seeking to know the truth and the purpose of our lives.
Two solitary spirits.... yet, one, in a mystical union... a celebration of life and creation. We have been so blest by Grandfather Spirit to be brothers.
Share with me your strength and I shall share my joy. Share with me your wisdom and I shall share my desire. Share with me your pain and I shall share my hope.
Fill my heart with the understanding of Grandfather Spirit.... teach me to be strong.
Fill my spirit with respect for Grandfathers creation and I shall be a faithful steward of the beauty of His world.
Soon, my brother... he is who is Spirit of the Sky shall rejoice with He Who walks in Two Worlds


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